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Careers Guidance

Careers Education Information and Guidance (CEIAG)

The Statutory Guidance on ‘Careers guidance and inspiration in schools, D of E, April 2014’ states schools have a critical role to play in preparing young people for the next stage of their education or training or beyond…..This will help every young person to realise their potential’. Outstanding careers education, information, advice and guidance is the holistic approach that ensures that we are capable of delivering young people who are inspired, motivated, educated and are fully prepared,  knowledgeable and career ready.

At Steyning Grammar School we ensure that it is delivered early in the student’s education to ensure that they make informed and educated decisions rather than a rash last minute one.  We educate in a manner that provides inspiration and motivation to students that will ensure they remain focussed and ambitious and make an informed options choice in Year 8 and this continues into Year 11 where they make their next decisions about transition to a Further Education or Sixth Form College or Apprenticeship.  At the Sixth Form College students are then equipped to make decisions about whether they want to follow a pathway into university or to seek employment or an apprenticeship.

For full careers guidance please refer to the document below promoting Careers Education Information and Guidance(CEIAG) at Steyning Grammar School and Sixth Form College.

Careers Education Information and Guidance (CEIAG)
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