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Curriculum Offer

Curriculum Offer

The Sixth Form College teaching team are experienced and use their specific knowledge to inspire young minds in a relaxed but purposeful environment.  Varied teaching approaches are used such as small group seminars, demonstrations, practical activities, e-learning based research, group debate and presentations.

Years of experience have taught us that the best results are achieved when students have the opportunity to develop the personal learning skills required to be successful at Key Stage 5 and, more importantly, to become self propelled learners. We aim to give students confidence to start a task, persistence should the task become difficult and we encourage an organised approach to your work.  We foster confident, independent learning and achievement.  Expectations are high.

This is a happy, challenging, supportive Sixth Form College which encourages students to use their initiative, be inquisitive, responsible learners and develop an approach to learning that will carry them through all stages of your life.

Choosing Your Courses

There will be many factors that will influence your choice of courses.  These will include your expected achievements at GCSE or equivalent qualifications, any progression plans you may have and your own interests. You should take as much advice as you can from subject teachers, your form tutor and careers staff at school.  Discuss everything with your parents, carers or Boarding House Parents.  Talk to Sixth Form College staff at parents’ evenings and our open evening in October.

Advanced Level AS/A2 & BTEC National

As a broad guide, most students following A Levels choose to do four AS (first year) courses with a view to completing three of those subjects at A 2 (second year).  However, if you are expecting to achieve mainly A and A* grades at GCSE or equivalent qualifications you will be encouraged to take on the challenge of five AS courses in your first year.  If you are expecting to achieve grade Cs at GCSE then your programme at AS may include Maths or English resits GCSE as a fourth subject or three rather than four AS courses. The Sixth Form College also offers the BTEC National qualification in Sport; this equates to two A Levels after two years of study.

Learning Styles

Each course is taught and assessed in a particular way and the styles of learning are very different.  It is worth exploring how you learn best and what skills you are bringing to Sixth Form College courses.

Entry Requirements

For an A Level/BTEC National programme you need to achieve a minimum of 5 GCSE’s at A* to C grades, sometimes with B grades in the subject or an associated subject.

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