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Love English

At Steyning Grammar School, we aim to encourage a passion and love for all things English.

Love Reading
We have a strong emphasis on reading for pleasure in the classroom and beyond. Our Accelerated Reader programme in years 7 to 9 is designed to foster a life-long love of reading fiction, whilst the KS4/5 curriculum is tailored around a deeper appreciation of a wide range of Literature.

Love Writing
We also want all of our students to enjoy writing. Students are taught how to write more effectively and engagingly in an array of genres for a range of real-life audiences, with a strong focus on crafting for effect.

Love Language
Students will also learn the influence and impact words, both spoken and written, can have.  They will see how language has the power to enslave or liberate, to distress or delight, and to change the way we understand the world.

Think Deeply

At Steyning, we aim to help students think deeply about texts, language, the media and, indeed, the whole world around them.

We teach students to analyse language and images, to go beyond the obvious and see deeper meanings in words and texts.

Different Readings
As they move through school, our students should start to see more in the texts they encounter, unlocking alternative readings in texts and seeing things from others’ point of view. Studying Literature allows students to use empathy and other critical approaches to see established ‘truths’ from alternative viewpoints.

Finding a Voice

At Steyning, we aim to equip our students with the language skills needed to thrive in the world beyond school. Only then, will students truly be able to communicate their voice effectively.

Get Skilled - Communicating
In English, we value what the students have to say as they begin to shape their views about the world. Students debate, discuss, present and collaborate in English, building their ability to communicate their own ideas in dynamic, engaging ways.

Get Skilled - Writing
Our students need to learn, practise and refine real-world written skills. We strive to make students’ written work more accurate, stressing the importance of proof-reading, textual organisation and cohesion.

Get Skilled - Reading
Not only will students be taught how to read between the lines, but they will also begin to see nuance, bias and a range of different readings in most texts, both written and audio-visual.

For more information see our ‘English Features across all Key Stages’ sheet, as well as ‘Key Stage 3 Information’, ‘Key Stage 4 Information’ and ‘Key Stage 5 Information’.

English Features across all Key Stages
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Key Stage 3 Information
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Key Stage 4 Information
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Key Stage 5 Information
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For further course information see our ‘KS4 Choices Booklet’ below.

2020 KS4 Option Booklet
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We offer a variety of courses at Key Stage 5 (subject to entry requirements being met) Please follow the link to information on our Sixth Form College.