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E-Parent Forum

E-Parent Forum

Guidelines for the operation of the FoSGS email Parent Forum (‘E-Parent Forum’)

The E-Parent Forum is run by FoSGS. The purpose of the E-Parent Forum is to give parents/carers an effective voice by email, to support the valued relationship that exists between the school and parents/carers and to facilitate communications between parents/carers and the school.

The E-Parent Forum welcomes general questions and comments from parents and carers about the school.  Positive feedback as well as any concerns are welcome.  Please do not submit questions/comments that relate to a specific student or teacher.

The benefits are two-way: parents/carers are able to better understand how the school works and how they can support their child’s learning journeys; the school can also better understand how it can support parents/carers, and the dialogue will inform the school’s development planning.

Questions Raised

Please email your questions to 

Questions raised by parents/carers will support the development of a ‘Frequently Asked Questions and Answers’ on this website, be sent to the school for a direct answer or could be considered as suitable topics for the termly Parent Forum Meetings.

The effectiveness of the E-Parent Forum will be reviewed by FoSGS at the end of each academic year.

What questions are appropriate?

The E-Parent Forum welcomes general questions and comments from parents and carers about the school. 

Positive feedback as well as concerns are welcome. It is very useful for the school to understand what areas are working well for parents/carers.

Questions/comments must not relate to a specific student or teacher e.g. Nadal is very unhappy at the moment with Mr Blue…all student specific concerns should be referred to the school through the correct channels which are set out below.  If FoSGS receive student specific comments they will be returned to the parents/carers with a note reminding them of the correct route.

Questions should be general e.g. How is homework set in a particular subject and year group? How is the uniform policy enforced?  What are Steyning Grammar School’s Learning Characteristics?   What exam boards do the school use?  Where do I find information on after school clubs?

FoSGS’s decision on what is, and is not an appropriate question for the E-Parent Forum is final.

If you are not happy with the decision, please refer to the FoSGS complaints policy which can be found under 'FoSGS policies'.

Please check the FAQ and Answers (on separate tab) before sending in your question as it may already have been answered.  This will be set up as questions are answered. If a repeat question is received FoSGS will refer the person to the FAQ and Answers.

Please follow the link to the Parent Forums FAQ's.

If an inappropriate, abusive or rude question is received FoSGS will not pass this on to the school.

How do I send a question?

Questions should be emailed to    Please include the student’s year e.g. Year 9. A Committee Member of FoSGS will pass the question on to the school on your behalf.  This will be done without your name being identified.

How do I get my response?

FoSGS will email the school’s response to you.

Questions and answers may be posted on the FAQ and Answers section by FoSGS.  Names will not be attached only the student’s year if available.


The nature of the comments and questions mean that the topics are not time critical.  Anything which requires urgent responses should be dealt with through the normal routes with the school.

You will receive an acknowledgement within 7 days (includes weekends) confirming that your question has been sent to the school, or if it has not been sent on then the reasons why it has not will be set out in the email.

Questions sent on to the school by FoSGS will be answered by the school within approximately 2 weeks from the date of the acknowledgement. If more time is needed to research the matter properly, the school will advise FoSGS and a time will be set for a response.

Questions will only be dealt with during term time.  The timescales set out above do not apply in school holidays.

Correct route for questions which are student/teacher specific or are urgent questions

Please see the flow chart below for the correct route for questions about Years 7-11.


Flow chart years 7 to 11.docx
> Download (docx)

For enquiries that relate to the Sixth Form College please contact or call 01903 810526