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Grit is resilience to challenges accompanied by perseverance and passion for long term goals.

We want our students to be 'gritty' and when they are we notice that they:

  • 'Come back' after failure or low grades
  • Don't give up easily when they do tough tasks
  • They finish longer tasks with a high quality outcome
  • Can focus on the fact that what they do now affects their GCSEs or other long term goals

Tips for helping with Grit

  • Highlight the gritty side of success - when you see athletes, musicians and other successful people highlight the long hours of practise they must have done to become that way
  • Help children reflect on their past achievements when they have stayed committed to something for a long time
  • Help children quit responsibly - it's okay for children to quit activities but they need to chose the right time - this is after throughful reflection and not in moments of frustration