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Introduction to KS3

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Introduction to KS3

Key Stage 3

We have two Lower School sites on which Key Stage 3 is delivered: Church Street in Steyning and Rock Road in Storrington.  The curriculum offer, ethos and aspirations on both sites are identical.

Our vision is ‘for every person to be the best they can be’, by building learning characteristics that will help our students to become independent learners, ready for the challenges of public examination courses.

Both Rock Road and Church Street provide a wonderful setting for the start of your child's secondary school journey. In a smaller environment they offer a welcome ‘stepping-stone’ to allow students to flourish in secondary school life. Our staff teach across the school and understand how the curriculum develops from Key Stage 2 through to GCSEs and A Levels. This means that we have extensive experience in helping our students to make successful transitions across the different phases of their education.

We have very high aspirations and expectations of our students.  We work hard to ensure all our students make excellent progress. We achieve this through high quality teaching and learning, and through an outstanding pastoral system. As well as a form tutor, every child has access to a Head of Year and a Learning Development Manager. Our Curriculum Support department is highly experienced and provides tailored and specific teaching.

Progress in the curriculum is, however, only part of the journey. We provide opportunities in lessons and through enrichment to develop the skills our students will need throughout their lives. Leadership and teamwork is encouraged through our School Council, through student ambassadorship, and through sport and other clubs. We expect our students to be independent; to be able to make decisions and take risks, and to have a growth mind-set. We nurture curiosity, creativity and innovation, by giving students resources, time and encouragement. Our students are fantastic, and embrace these opportunities with enthusiasm.

Overall, our desire is for our students to love their time in Key Stage 3, to make great progress and to be confident to fly in Key Stage 4, the next stage of their learning journey.

We are looking forward to welcoming our new Year 7 students in September 2019 and have detailed some key information about the Church Street and Rock Road sites and teams in the presentations below: