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Parent Forums FAQ's

Parent Forums FAQ's

Questions and answers will be added as they come in.

Q - Can we cycle into school and use the shower facilities?

A - Yes we have bike sheds on all of our sites, althougth we only have shower facilities on our Shooting Field site

Q - Do we have to pay for PE clubs?

A - No, we offer this free of charge

Q - When are there late buses?

A - Late buses are on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and cover the catchment area.

Q - In English, please can you advise the books and texts that students will be covering for the exisiting Year 10 sitting GCSE in 2018? 

A - This year we are currently studying: Macbeth, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, An Inspector Calls. This might change, but this is for the new OCR syllabus, so most teachers will still be teaching these next year

Q - Why do parents have to send in ingredients for Food Tech? Why can the school not provide these and just charge parents a certain amount each term to contribute?

A- We currently provide oil, spices, flour, eggs, peppermint and forgotten ingredients from our store cupboard. In terms of shopping for ALL ingredients there are 3 reasons. Firstly, the planning and bringing in of the ingredients is part of students self-control with learning. Secondly, at KS4 they all cook different dishes most of the time, which would make it difficult to plan for. Thirdly, the time needed to shop for 400 students every fortnight at KS3 and 120 per week at KS4.

Q - Regarding the set of exams being set for the Y10 students, for science.  Parents and students thought that the exams at the end of Y9 would determine whether students should sit the combined science or separate sciences, is this not the case?

A. There has always been some movement between combined and separate sciences from Y10 to Y11.  This year is no different, we are just giving students who may have underperformed in the end of Y10 exam a further opportunity to demonstrate that they are capable of the demands of separate sciences.  The tests are produced by the Exam Board and were not available in April - these will give us the best indication so far of what the exams will be in Y11.

Q. How are the school going to manage students sitting exams at separate times with the same papers?

A. We don't forsee that there will be any issue with students sitting the same papers at different times - no papers will leave the classrooms. Students in different bands will be taking the tests as close together as the timetable will allow.

Q. If there are students that are struggling and are not capable of separate science, will there be an opportunity for parents/students to speak with the school?

A. Students and parents will be informed as soon as possible if there is a decision to move a student from separate to combined (or vice versa).  We have a responsibility to ensure that all students are taking the qualifications that they have the best chance of success in and that decision will be made using all available data - particularly the results from these tests and speaking to the teachers involved.

Q. I understand that the 3D printer is not working as it needs "maintenance". The students are working on their Unit 2 controlled assessment now and I imagine it needs to be in constant use.   
A. Yes, the older models had some issues and were being fixed. However as of this morning the new makerbot professional 3D printer is up and running and hopefully by the end of the week the second 3D printer will be up and running.  
Q. Can I get some reassurance that a replacement for Mr.Gibbs is to be recruited soon? Could Mr. Benfield be paid to go full time temporarily if he can/wants to (?) to cover the gap in staffing? Solidworks experience is crucial and I don't think it is acceptable that the majority of classes are not covered by an experienced Engineering teacher.   
A. The existing schemes of work for year 11 engineering are being delivered by qualified DT teachers.  Whilst some long-term supply is in place, those staff are sharing groups with the most experienced member of staff, Mr Belfield.  All students did a Solidworks unit in year 9, as they now develop their designs staff will support with further learning here.
Q. The Engineering GCSE exam doesn't come up in the published "Edexel/Pearson" timetable for next years exams. What day is the exam happening next year?  
A. The exam appears on the Pearson timetable is under Manufacturing/Engineering. 1.30 on the 21st May 2018.