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Steyning Grammar School’s Sixth Form College Leavers’ Dinner and Prize Giving

Steyning Grammar School’s Sixth Form College Class of 2018, Year 13 leavers celebrated their formal Prize Giving Dinner at Avisford Park Hotel, near Arundel on the evening of June 27th. The evening was attended by 240 sixth formers, along with learning mentors, teachers, boarding staff members of the school management team and governors.


Students arrived looking magnificent in their formal attire. They were greeted by Head Teacher, Mr N Wergan, together with the Director of the Sixth Form College and Assistant Head Mrs S Randall. Students enjoyed a glass of sparkling wine before photographs were taken in the grounds.


The evening’s formal proceedings began with prizes in the form of tokens, awarded to students in recognition of their approach to learning as positive, independent and engaged young people. The prizes were presented by Mr N Wergan.  Students were recognised for their contribution to the wider life of the School. Three students were nominated across all of their study programme subjects; Andrew Storey, Manfie Kelly and Anthony Anderson .Others received recognition for overcoming significant difficulties during their academic careers, showing perseverance and determination to succeed. These students have continued to sparkle, showing undoubted courage and endeavour to the best they can be despite personal setbacks. Mr Blatch, Head of Politics and History teacher joined leavers in the Class of 2018, he was for his inspirational teaching, the passion for his subjects he has ignited in so many, and his willingness to give so generously of his time to his College Learning Group mentees


Other Sixth Form College students received prizes for their work for their contribution to life in the Sixth Form College and life in the Boarding House. Head Boy Jamie Walker, Head Girl Anna Holland, Deputy Head Girls Gabriella Henson and Emily Comber, Deputy Head Boys, Fraser Sheath and Harry Dommett together with Head Boy of Boarding Hardeep and Head Girl of Boarding Arizona Hutchens and their Deputies, Charlie Foster and Anna Scott were awarded the Foundation Governors’ Prize for carrying out their duties superbly throughout the year. We continue to be grateful to the Foundation Governors, Friends of Steyning Grammar School, and the Rotary Clubs of Storrington and Henfield, Gardner and Scardifield, H J Burt, Fire Alarm Installations UK Ltd, Wiston House, Tooveys Auction House and other local companies for their generous support in sponsoring these awards. Our students were delighted to have their efforts recognised and celebrated, and staff welcomed the opportunity to pay tribute to so many talented individuals.


Many students thanked their teachers for the help and guidance they had received during their A level and BTEC Level 3 studies. Our Head Boy and Head Girl delivered an entertaining farewell speech and spoke for all our sixth formers when they said that they would miss the school and would be eternally grateful for the guidance given during their time in the Sixth Form College. Students expressed their thanks to the Sixth Form Leadership Team and Sixth Form College Admin support staff. Mrs Randall shared her sadness at having to say goodbye to such a dynamic, enthusiastic and caring group of students. Students leave the Sixth Form College with fond memories and strong lasting friendships. She ended her speech with; “Value and nurture the friendships you have invested in during your time at Steyning. Keeping in touch with your real self will help you to be honest and true-so don’t lose the friends you made at school. Take time to enjoy this time of your life. I hope when you look back, you will remember is as one of the best times of your life, a time of expanding horizons when the world  feels full of possibility. Our door will always be open to you. Step confidently into the next stage of your life and never forget that you will always be part of the Steyning Family”.


Students were most appreciative of the leadership strengths of Head teacher Mr Wergan, applauded for his positive impact on Steyning Grammar School. Senior student officers presented Mr Wergan with a bust of his head as they felt he was a perfect candidate to go on the plinth in Trafalgar Square for which from time to time the public can nominate whose worthy bust can occupy it for a few months. Students said that he embodied all that was important in an influential school leader. Mr Wergan has taken every opportunity to instil in them how important the Steyning Grammar School values and vision are.  As Mr Wergan summed up, with a quote from one of the greatest French writers, Victor Hugo. Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your roots. “My advice is about your principles and your roots. You have developed these at Steyning Grammar, and it is the depth of your roots that will enable you to weather any storm. When you are under pressure, your character will get you through”.

Finally, Mr Wergan brought the formal proceedings to a close with a toast to the class of 2018. A three-course dinner followed and the evening’s celebrations continued with a disco until midnight.

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