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Wilton Park

Wilton Park

Wilton Park is a subdivision of the Foreign and Common Wealth Office, located at Wiston House bringing together leading representatives from the worlds of politics, diplomacy, academia, business, civil society, the military and the media. Their priorities include conflict resolution and peacemaking, counter-terrorism, defense and security, global prosperity, human rights, democracy and faith and sustainable development.

More than sixty years after it was founded, Wilton Park is one of the world’s leading centres for discussion on key international policy challenges. Wilton Park regularly host conferences and act as an independent forum for international conversation. They attract the brightest minds from around the globe for the cross-fertilisation of ideas and enhance the United Kingdom’s status within the international community, playing a key role in analysing and advancing the agenda on world policy challenges.

Steyning Grammar School is delighted to be working in partnership with Wilton Park.  A group of Sixth Form students have had the prestigious opportunity of being part of a Wilton Park Discussion Group.  This invaluable experience has really helped develop students’ skills in questioning, active listening and debating.

Wilton Park Chief Executive Richard Burge said: “Wilton Park is delighted to be a part of this collaboration with Steyning Grammar School.  In my view, organisations affiliated with government have a duty to engage with their local communities and I am very happy that our organisation is able to contribute in this way.”  

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